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Evening dedicated to the work of Jaroslav(as) Melnik(as) - Lithuanian Embassy, 2 Bessborough Gardens, SW1 V2JE - Thursday, 15 May, 2014 at 7:00 pm

By Steve Komarnyckyj, May 2 2014 09:10AM

Dear All,

The Lithuanian Embassy is delighted to invite you to an evening with the writer Jaroslavas Melnikas, a Ukrainian resident in Lithuania who writes in both Lithuanian and Ukrainian, as well as French. In conversation with the translator Romas Kinka the author will talk about his work, writing in different languages, identity and the relationship he has with his native Ukraine. You will also have the opportunity to hear several extracts of his work translated from Lithuanian and Ukrainian into English. The British Ukrainian poet and translator Steve Komarnyckyj will be talking on the Ukrainian aspect of the author's work and reading one of his own translations.

The event will be held in English.

Thursday 15 May 2014, 7pm-9pm.

Door open: 6.30pm

Lithuanian Embassy in the UK

Lithuania house

2 Bessborough Gardens

London SW2 JE

FREE, RSVP essential: [email protected]


Melnikas (b. 1959 in Lviv) carries the heritage of several cultural backgrounds – Ukrainian and Lithuanian, but also admits that French culture is very close to him. Melnikas moved to Lithuania over two decades ago. He lives with his family in Vilnius and calls himself a Lithuanian writer of Ukrainian descent.

Despite the fact that he moved to Lithuania as an adult Melnikas learned Lithuanian well enough to write complex works, albeit ones with a wide appeal. Melnikas has written six books of fiction and a collection of philosophical essays in Lithuanian, as well as several books of poetry and prose in Ukrainian and a novel in French. While living in France he had a regular women's advice column in ELLE. He is also the author of an encyclopaedia for women and two earlier collections of popular psychology articles.

In his highly original fiction, Melnikas creates a mysterious atmosphere, often verging on the absurd. In 2013 his novel Далекий простір (The Distant Space) became the winner of BBC Ukrainian Book of the Year. The book was published in Lithuanian under the title Tolima erdvė in 2008.

For more about the writer go to: http://www.booksfromlithuania.lt/en/node/10462.

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