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Hello World!!

By guest, Feb 14 2014 12:52PM

Welcome to the first post on my literature and translation blog. I hope that my posts are entertaining and enlightening and that this becomes the first step for both of us on a journey through the jungle of language. Although language is not a jungle but a river with currents crossing and interplaiting. This first post is if you like a love letter to language, to the jungle, to the river, to the syllables spilling off my tongue, to the words which travelled on the backs of camels or were moulded in the clay tablets of Sumer. To the words which line up in a dictionary like inmates in long lines of cells or circle your head like seagulls.

My love affair arose out of my hatred of reading when I was a child. Words seemed like a spiky black fence keeping me out of somewhere that was alluring and close enough to touch but as remote as another world. Slowly the words on the page sang to me at first in single notes then in chorus, painting fantastic palaces of sound before my eyes.

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