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Hitler and Stalin have the last laugh

By Steve Komarnyckyj, Apr 24 2014 11:42AM

It looks as if Russian tanks will soon be smashing through the Apricot Border. Those of you who read Liubov's piece will know that Russia begins where the Apricot trees of Ukraine cease growing. However, Putin has sent special forces into East Ukraine who, along with an ugly mixture of criminals and Nazis, have left Ukraine no alternative to military intervention. The "separatists" have been instructed to shed blood to ensure that Russia has a pretext to invade. I hear Hitler and Stalin guffawing from the afterlife. "You thought things had changed". I know that Ukraine will win ultimately but it seems it must purchase not only its own freedom but that of Russia where the populace seems almost utterly inert, ground underneath the patent leather heel of Putin's jackboot. The world believed that history had ended but it has been reborn on the endless expanse of the Dyke Pole, the Wild Field. Darkness gathers over the Steppe.

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