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My colleague's e mail to a Russian company touting for business

By Steve Komarnyckyj, Apr 16 2014 02:38PM

My colleague Ian Robinson replied to a Russian company touting for business with a refreshingly clear e mail. I only hope that Britain's arts and literature communities launch a cultural boycott. Anyway here is Ian's polite way of telling them to get stuffed until they sort their psycho president out:

Dear Sir,

Due to the present political situation concerning the behaviour of the Russian government we decline any opportunity to do business with or have any affiliation with the Russian Federation.

We sincerely hope that this situation will change for the better at some point in the future when Russia not only learns to give its citizens freedom and civil rights but also learns to live peacefully with the sovereignty of its neighbours.

In the meantime please remove us from your mailing list.

Kind regards,


Ian Douglas Robinson BA(Hons) DipLA CMLI


Robinson CLA

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