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Poem published in Ariadne's thread

By Steve Komarnyckyj, Apr 24 2014 01:23PM

I usually celebrate having my work published in poetry journals and am delighted that I have had a piece published in Ariadne's Thread . However, today I wonder what will happen to my family and friends. I imagine that Putin, who is basically a gangster wrapping himself in a Slavic variant of Nazi racial mythology, plans to grasp East Ukraine then dismember the country like a carcass. However the plan will, of course, only bring suffering. The apricot orchards and dusty summer towns, the birch forests, the slag heaps baking in the sunlight, the wheatfields sloping like harpstrings...shoty are echoing over that vast tranquil landscape. It reminds me of the lines from the tale of the Host of Ihor "The tree weeps and the grass bends with sorrow". My colleague Vyacheslav Huk, a hugely gifted writer, now finds himself separated from his brother in Crimea by Russia's illegal occupation. The border runs through people's minds and hearts separating a world where words mean what they say from a world where lives are worth less than the gas and oil ferried through those long pipelines from Asia through Ukraine.

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