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Rich Mix Presentation 6 March

By Steve Komarnyckyj, Mar 24 2014 05:34PM


I had the privelege of presenting our book "A Flight Over the Black Sea" at Rich Mix in Bethnal Green on 6 March. The event was organised by DASH Arts and funded by the British Ukrainian Society. It was an honour to be able to read my translations along with the poet Ihor Pavlyuk. We also discussed Ukraine as part of a panel facilitated by Josephine of DASH Arts and with the participation of the excellent journalist Annabelle Chapman. Olesya Zdorovetska played her haunting, ethereal music which draws on Ukraine's folk tradition. She included a powerful piece by poet Lyubov Yakymchuk which evoked the terror and passion of the Euromaidan. The link above takes you to a recording of the evening. Thank you Happenstance radio, DASH Arts and Emma of English PEN.

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