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The Brothers Grim: a note on Jeremy and Piers Corbyn

By Steve Komarnyckyj, Aug 30 2015 04:28PM

The Brothers Grim

A note on Jeremy and Piers Corbyn

Piers Corbyn, brother of Labour's future Stalinist leader, has been kept locked away like Rochester's mad wife during the leadership campaign. His tumbleweed hair and glasses give him a demented professorial air. He could be the brother of Christopher Lloyd's character in Back to the Future. This is quite appropriate really because Jeremy Corbyn wants to take the UK back to the October Revolution. However Piers's speciality is climate change denial. He frequently appears on Russia Today arguing that it is a myth. His brother supposedly rolls his eyes at these views - how did Piers escape from the attic? But his climate change shtick is propagated by Russia Today purely because they are useful to Gazprom. The Russian gas monopolist accounts for 20-30% of Europe's gas supply in any given year. The company was linked to Rosukrenergo which was allegedly linked to crime boss Semion Mogilevich. The Russian gangster connected monstrosity does not want to see the EU wean itself off of gas. Piers's crackpot monologues might help convince a few European politicians to feel relaxed as ice bergs break off the Arctic and polar bears have to be stunned and sprayed with Ambre Solaire.

But what of Jeremy? He is surely pure, a Socialist Saint, who will chase the sharp suited corporate lobbyists from Westminster. There is no doubt that he has a formidable mass movement whose key members in Stop the War UK (STWUK) include Stalinist apologists. Corbyn is STWUK chair and the organisation can be viewed as a coordinating hub and propaganda machine. Andrew Murray deputy chair of STWUK and Chief of Staff at Unite the Union and apologist for Stalin's mass murder is a key backer. The organisation has numerous links to Russia Today via individuals such as George Galloway, journalist Neil Clark etc. Corbyn has himself has appeared on Russia Today and claimed that the channel is objective. A key element of STWUK is its policy on Syria and Ukraine. The organisation blocks any action to prevent Assad's mass bombing of his own people. Indeed Assad's clinging to power and his mass atrocities are presented as a civil war. The organisation prevented a Syrian representative from speaking at a migrant lives matter demonstration in 2015. Its intervention was key to preventing the United Kingdom from acting to stop the carnage in Syria. STWUK has no objection to Assad bombing his own people at leisure using Russian supplied weapons. The organisation has similarly adopted Russia's propaganda on Ukraine. That Jeremy Corbyn its chair shares its views is undeniable. In a 2014 piece in the Morning Star he presented Ukraine's Revolution of Dignity as a Nazi coup. His account of Ukraine's revolution while bearing no relation to reality could have been written in the Kremlin.

So let us venture to suggest that Corbyn's foreign policy really reflects Russian rather than British priorities.

But why are Syria and Ukraine important to Russia and to Gazprom? Syria straddles the route for a possible gas pipe from the Qatar field to the EU. The Assad regime can block such a project indefinitely. Equally the field could potentially supply Turkey with gas. However Gazprom wants to use Turkey as an alternative transit route to Ukraine. Russia's interests in Ukraine extend far beyond its importance as a key gas transit route. Generations of Russian intellectuals have made a tradition of denigrating Ukrainian culture. In the eyes of Russia's elite Ukraine is a country and nation that has no right to exist a cancerous tumour within the body of Mother Russia. There is a substantial number of Russian politicians for whom Ukraine's destruction is an existential priority.

However a large part of Russia's and Gazprom's interest in Ukraine is connected to its gas pipelines. unfortunately, for Russia the majority of gas delivered by Gazprom to Europe has to be pumped through Ukraine . Gazprom charges more to Ukraine for gas than it charges to EU countries who receive gas via Ukraine's transit system. Ukraine could conceivably be able to buy Russian gas from the EU at a lower price than it would pay directly to Gazprom. This shows that Gazprom's pricing is motivated by political imperatives rather than market forces. Ukraine's one lever is Russia's dependence on the country's network to deliver gas to Europe. Russia and Gazprom intend to cease delivering gas to Europe via Ukraine by 2020. The Turkish Stream project is one of two pipelines that would allow Gazprom to bypass Ukraine. The other alternative route is the North Stream project via the Baltic. When Russia breaks its dependence on Ukraine's gas transit system it will be able to use the threat of turning off the gas tap to blackmail its neighbour.

The Brothers Grim are both helping Russia and Gazprom pursue their interests. Piers weakens the case for extending renewable energy via his crackpot climate change denial. Jeremy assists Russia's information war on Ukraine by peddling its fantasies about a Nazi coup. Both are helping one of the most corrupt energy monopolies in the world expand its empire. How real is the supposed difference of views between them? It's as genuine as the moment when Punch clubs Judy over the head. The two brothers are merely glove puppets. And there are no prizes for guessing who has his hands inserted up the back passages of the Brothers Grim. Cue demonic laugh sound effect and a clip of the Kremlin with seething black stormclouds and lightning flashes. In a room in one of its highest towers President Putin stares into a crystal ball where the ghostly image of Jeremy Corbyn hovers. And the English fools suspect nothing? Nyet replies St. Jeremy. By 2020 the Gazprom flag may well be fluttering over Westminster. A bust of Stalin will adorn the desk of the new Prime Minister. The Ken Livingstone Proletarian Poets Collective will have published a collection of verse praising the steadfast helmsman. I'm joking of course. Aren't I?

Sep 3 2015 10:07AM by Bjarne Kim Pedersen

Schröder aka Jeremy Corbyn
Schröder sells out 
blood for gaz while Putin's people 
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