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The Only Corpse I could not bear to look at ?

By Steve Komarnyckyj, May 20 2014 03:56PM

Michael Herr once said the only corpse he could not bear to look at, would be the one he never had to see. I was reflecting on my father's death today, how he slipped away quietly, before we could organise another care home for him. He was laid on the bed in his room when I saw him, still warm. I say "he" of course, but all that he was had gone. Perhaps the only consolation for any of us is our shared experience both of bereavement and of renewal. I am proud to have a poem on the subject of loss in Tanya Chernov's anthology The Burden of Light. I dreamt of my father after his death. He was listening to rock music, which he hated, on an Ipad and nodding his head in a frenzy of enjoyment. I hope that I was ofered a genuine glimpse of the life to come and that it really is a blast.

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