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We used to pay mill owner for permission to work

By Steve Komarnyckyj, Apr 2 2014 09:07AM

My cousin Bob (not his real name), one of two identical twins both of whom look like an anorexic Vlad Putin, was once asked to pay for a job. He was in Ukraine a country which is as beautiful as it was corrupt under President Yanukovych. In the shadow of the chestnut trees and golden domes of Kyiv, everyone was on the make. My cousin said "no" of course for the whole point of having a job is that they pay you. At least that's what I thought until a publisher who will remain nameless put out an offer to literary translators for the oppportunity to work with them for a couple of 000 euros. Is it an act of desparation? Perhaps there are just not enough Anglophone readers who are interested enough in the world to make translated literature viable. However, people should not have to pay for the chance to work.

You will think I am lying about my cousin... but it's true..

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